In a time when foreclosure valuations and trade deals are at historic lows, Vice President of Client Relations and Default Valuations Brandon Fox has successfully onboarded 28 new clients in the last year. Fox

While maintaining a 100% client satisfaction rating, Fox fosters relationships that result in business growth ahead of projections. In addition to his role as vice president of customer relations, he splits his time planning, designing and assisting with the implementation of a new system that will replace the company’s legacy system.

Fox’s inside knowledge of the company’s business processes, industry applied practices, client needs and understanding of valuations have contributed to streamlining, substantial cost savings and efficiencies in the system’s rewrite initiative. 

Fox is also a major contributor to Assurant Valuations’ quality control rules engine and algorithms, which are still utilized by GSEs, servicers and capital markets clients today.

“Words like loyalty, dedication, sacrifice, leader, work ethic and company pride are just a few that come to mind when describing Brandon Fox. He truly lives and believes in a code that you never rest on your laurels individually or as a company. ”