As vice president of customer experience, Sandra Colatrella has one overarching goal: to ensure it is easy for customers to do business with Radian.Colatrella

Colatrella accomplishes this by facilitating journey mapping exercises to identify customer pain points and opportunities to improve customer experience. During the last 12 months, Colatrella and the Radian team have completed 20 projects to enhance customer experience. 

When she isn’t leading a project directly, Colatrella, who has been with Radian since 2001, keeps team members focused on priorities, reminding them why the initiatives are important to Radian’s customers, following up for status and recognizing interim accomplishments.

Colatrella also led the requirements team that rebuilt Radian’s origination platform, ensuring that customers weren’t negatively impacted by Radian’s systems upgrade, triaging any potential customer issues. 

“Being easy to do business with is Sandra Colatrella’s job at Radian, and she is excellent at it— part of that proof is in Radian’s position as a market leader in MI.”