Michael Bradley leads the modeling, econometrics, data science and ana­lytics team within Freddie Mac’s sin­gle-family business. Bradley and his team oversaw the analytics behind Loan Advisor Suite, Freddie Mac’s end-to-end solution that provides lenders with greater certainty and insight into the purchase eligibility of their loans throughout the production process. Bradley

By providing automation and transparen­cy, Loan Advisor Suite helps lenders assess credit, capacity and collateral and enables them to better validate the quality of the loans they originate. Since returning to the company two years ago, Bradley has worked to make Freddie Mac a powerful contender when it comes to analyzing data relat­ed to residential mortgages.

As Freddie Mac becomes a more commercially oriented company that’s creating a safer, sounder housing finance system, Bradley brings a strong focus on strate­gy and innovation as well as a positive, upbeat attitude.

“Michael and his team are shaping the underwriting, pricing and management of mortgage credit risk to make a better Freddie Mac and a better housing finance system.”