After experiencing the challenges of the mortgage process from the lending side of the business, Raymond Bartreau envisioned a better way to connect homebuyers and lenders that would provide results and more conversions, launching Best Rate Referrals in 2005, amid the changing economic conditions in the housing market. Bartreau

From the beginning, the company has connected high-intent consumers with a di­verse network of lenders for a variety of financing products, including home purchase, VA loans, FHA loans, HARP loans, USDA loans, 203k loans, cash-out refinances, con­ventional loans and more.

In 2016, Bartreau led the company through a successful sale to Florida-based Digital Media Solutions, allowing the company to grow its footprint.

Following the sale, Bartreau and his team created Mortgage Advisor, which trans­forms how consumers are matched with lenders in a modern online mortgage market­place. For example, company research revealed that today’s consumers are searching for the best mortgage loan product, not just the lowest rate.

“Ray is constantly working with lenders to help them better understand the needs and perspective of today’s mortgage consumer.”