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In her role as senior vice president and associate general counsel for loanDepot, Jackie Mohr is responsible for managing legal and compliance for the company’s retail channels. 

Over the last year, Mohr, who has more than 15 years of experience in financial services and lending, has been instrumental in successfully guiding the company through a number of different initiatives, such as TRID implementation, the restructure of the branch oversight program, and legal and compliance oversight over the development of mello, loanDepot’s new end-to-end digital lending platform. 

Mohr guides loanDepot through the complex regulatory environment with an execution-oriented approach she adopted from her prior experiences in leading operations. Mohr has an expertise in the area of distributed retail lending and during the last 12 months she led the legal strategy around retail strategic alliances. She was instrumental in merging the legal and compliance departments of the formerly separate retail channels under the loanDepot brand. Her team has grown rapidly over the last year and she helped cultivate their expertise in mortgage regulatory compliance. Mohr is passionate about developing leaders, taking a special interest in mentoring women, helping them find their unique voice and style in a male-dominated financial industry. 

Mohr pairs her legal background with her operational strengths to drive compliant strategic initiatives. She is often viewed as a business leader who just also happens to be an attorney. Whether she is helping the company to navigate the regulatory complexities of RESPA or advising over 150 retail branches, she does so with emphasis on fast, simple and compliant execution.

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