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Sherri Goodman joined Ocwen Financial in 2014 and was initially only responsible for Ocwen’s customer care center. But over the next two years, her scope expanded to encompass all of Ocwen’s call center operations, as well as back office processes for payoffs and written requests. 

In 2014, Goodman managed the Ocwen call center operations as call center headcount nearly doubled. In mid-2015, her team faced the opposite challenge when substantial loan volume was transferred to other servicers, and successfully managed this reduction with minimal negative impact to employees or costs. 

In 2016, Goodman introduced a customer survey process to determine Ocwen’s Net Promoter Score and developed improvement plans to address the opportunities identified by customers. By the end of the first quarter of 2017, the NPS scores improved by more than 10%, with a positive trajectory for continued gains.

Goodman has played a key leadership role in strengthening Ocwen’s culture of compliance, and was selected by the CEO to lead the efforts to achieve a sustainable culture of service excellence throughout every facet of the company. She assembled a team of influential leaders from across the company and around the world to develop and drive a management action plan that has delivered visible, measurable culture change at Ocwen. 

The service excellence program has been vital in improving customer survey scores, reducing customer complaints, reducing process errors and improving employee engagement. Some specific accomplishments include a 30% decrease in the number of complaints to the CFPB in 2016 and nearly 10,000 employees receiving targeted classroom training about service excellence.

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