After ten days on the job, the White House removed Wall Street hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci as its communications director, a previously unfilled position.

The announcement is one of many personnel shifts related to Scaramucci’s role.

Sean Spicer, now the former White House press secretary and acting communications director at the time, announced his resignation on the news of Scaramucci’s hiring, although at the time Spicer said he would stay on in his position for a few more weeks.

No word if Spicer’s employment status will change on the Scaramucci news.

Here is the brief statement from the White House.

President Donald Trump’s new chief of staff, General John Kelly, was sworn in today, after replacing Reince Priebus, who reportedly fought with Scaramucci.

In his short tenure, Scaramucci gave this colorful interview in a conversation he called "a mistake" and said “won’t happen again.”