Lines name

Cheri Lines reached the director level in her career at the age of 33. While working with Nexsys’ sister-company Title Source, Lines created a unique-to-the-industry technology platform, Nexsys Clear Path, from the ground up. She also influenced the implementation of the new technology with another sister-company and major industry lender.

Between 2015 and 2016, the platform transaction volume saw growth of 120% and the Nexsys Clear Path platform provider network now has more than 52,000 users.

Lines oversaw the growth of Nexsys’ IT team from two team members in 2012 to more than 30 in 2017. With a strong business development skill set, she has worked to incorporate full-time marketing, sales and BI/BA team members to support the Nexsys information technology team. Lines expanded and developed platform scope from simple AMC management to a fully-fledged closing portal featuring robust analytics and reporting, real-time order allocation and automated fee calculation.


One habit that I have made over the years is deeply understanding the ins and outs of our business and where the industry is heading in addition to my day-to-day operations and technical systems expertise. Truly understanding our business has allowed me to build solutions that appeal to everyone.