Today is opening day for one of the greatest American sports of all time – major league baseball — and the National Association of Realtors created an infographic to celebrate.

So before you head out to the ballpark to revel in the newest menu items or catch the ball from your favorite player's grand slam, here are a few facts from the real estate industry you can study up on.

“Baseball is a game of numbers just as much as it is of home runs, stolen bases and strikeouts,” NAR’s infographic explains.

Without further ado, here are NAR’s nine real estate facts, from pending home sales to the share of first-time buyers to how many of the Silent Generation are still purchasing homes, to go along with each of the nine positions on the field.

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Opening Day

(Source: NAR)

Now that your bases are loaded with the latest facts from the real estate industry, you’re ready to head out to the ballpark and enjoy the game!