Ben Carson in Dallas: HUD’s mission is about more than housing

"We're now becoming an organization that propels people to success"

Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson brought his listening tour to Dallas on Thursday, spending part of his day at the Dallas Housing Authority before attending a public event at the Texas Rangers Youth Academy in West Dallas.

During his visit to the Rangers’ facility, which featured attendees from the Dallas Housing Authority, as well as community leaders, and other local dignitaries, Carson gave a short speech to the crowd, laying out a small piece of what his vision for HUD is.

In his speech, which can be seen in full in the video below, Carson said that “things have changed” at HUD and now the department’s mission goes beyond housing.

“At HUD, things have changed,” Carson said Thursday.

“Instead of a maintenance organization, we’re now becoming an organization that propels people to success,” Carson continued.

“We’re not just looking at putting a roof over someone’s head. We’re looking at developing our human capital, because every single individual is capital, and they become part of the engine or part of the load,” Carson said. “And it is our responsibility to direct that development. And that’s what’s happening right here with these young people.”

Carson’s speech was also attended by some of the young members of the Rangers Youth Academy, and whom he referenced in the speech.

Carson also namedropped a Major League Baseball legend when discussing the benefits of participating in team sports.

“You know, Cal Ripken once said to me and my wife that 90% of CEOs were involved in team sports. He also said 90% of prison inmates were not,” Carson said.

This is a very important part of character development, teaching people to depend on each other, to work together in order to accomplish a goal,” Carson added.

Carson then concluded his speech by drawing a parallel between lessons learned team sports and the general climate in the country.

“And that’s going to be really the thing that determines what happens in our entire nation,” Carson said.

“Are we able to work together to accomplish a goal? Or do we fight with each other continually? That doesn’t do anybody any good,” Carson said. “So I’m hoping that you young people will seize this moment, learn to work together, learn to appreciate each other, and utilize the tremendous talents that God has provided you to help strengthen our nation. Thank you and congratulations.”

Carson then threw out the first pitch before exiting the event without taking questions.

Carson’s listening tour continues Friday morning at Dallas’ Jubilee Park & Community Center Corporation.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson speech at Texas Rangers Youth Academy from HousingWire on Vimeo.

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