In light of President Donald Trump’s budget proposal, House Financial Services Committee Majority Whip French Hill, R-Ark., went on record about his thoughts on the HUD budget, along with the status of reforming Dodd-Frank in an interview with Bloomberg on Friday.

When asked about the new budget proposal, Hill responded, “The first thing to do is realize that the president has laid out his priorities. But now, that budget goes to Congress, and it is subject to Congressional oversight and the work of our committees. And they’ll set the priorities, and they’ll set the budget, as we’re required to do under the Constitution.”

Further in the six-minute video included below, Hill touches on reforming Dodd-Frank. 

Hill currently sits on the Housing Financial Service Committee with Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, who is chairman of the committee.

Hensarling has also gone on record about his thoughts on Dodd-Frank, saying that reforming Dodd-Frank is a this-year priority. Meanwhile, Hensarling is also spearheading one of the most prominent options to change the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, the Financial CHOICE Act.

Echoing Hensarling, Hill goes on record during the interview saying, “It’s a good time to reassess the impact of Dodd-Frank.”

Jump to 4:09 in the video below for where Hill starts to address regulatory reform.