Specialized Loan Servicing, a third-party mortgage servicer that is owned by Australia’s Computershare, announced this week that it plans to expand its offerings to include subservicing for prime and non-performing loans.

According to Specialized Loan Servicing, the company’s prime servicing offering for mortgage lenders includes a “private-label option, direct call transfers for refinance opportunities, friendly customer service and detailed investor reporting.”

In a release, the strength of Specialized Loan Servicing’s platform was hailed by Tom Millon, the CEO of CMC Funding, which is also owned by Computershare.

“SLS has built a great platform for prime loans and we are excited to leverage their private-label capabilities,” Million said. “We have successfully transferred more than 20,000 prime borrowers to SLS, and we are delighted by their quality customer service and attention to borrowers' needs.”

Toby Wells, the CEO of SLS, said that the new offering is a natural extension for the company.

“We put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We have created educational tools and resources to help our clients' customers proactively manage their home loans,” Wells said. “Building on our 10-year track record of specialty servicing, we’ve expanded our team, processes and technology capabilities to address the prime servicing needs of mortgage lenders and investors.”