After being fired earlier this month for being critical of President Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, Shermichael Singleton, who was one of Ben Carson’s top aides, went on CNN for an interview as a follow-up to his controversial op-ed.  

Singleton had been working at the Department of Housing and Urban Development since Jan. 23 as a senior adviser and was preparing a cross-country tour for Carson, who the Senate is expected to confirm this month.

But in the midst of those preparations, some anti-Trump opinions Singleton previously posted in an article on surfaced in his vetting.

In that Hill article, which was posted on Oct. 24, Singleton said that Trump was “unfit” to be president and wrote that he could not support Trump.

“Republicans who have wives, daughters, granddaughters — or who are women themselves — have stood idly by, finding every plausible explanation to excuse and defend the reprehensible, inexcusable and indefensible sexist remarks and actions of a man who is unfit to be president and undeserving to represent the Republican Party,” Singleton wrote.

Now, in a follow-up interview with CNN, Singleton said that while he was disappointed, there are still things he can do to continue to help the administration move forward.

Singleton isn’t as hard on the president now that some time has passed since he penned the op-ed.

From the CNN article:

Singleton appeared to soften his stance on Trump by saying that his visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture with Carson was an example of the administration doing a better job at reaching out to African Americans.

"To me, that is a step in the right direction," he said. "The fact that the president is making efforts, you have to give credit for efforts. Because he could decide not to do anything at all."

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