From data-driven program strategies to self-service content management portals, Venture Solutions remains at the forefront of critical communications practices more than 50 years after its founding. As market conditions have evolved, so has Venture’s approach, expanding to keep pace with advancements in technology, security and compliance. 

“There is a high demand for security, expertise in market compliance and end-to-end quality control,” explains Vice President of Sales Matt Krueger. “We’re the best at what we do in part because we constantly seek out new systems and technology to meet these demands, while navigating safely within regulatory requirements.”

This steadfast pursuit of industry-leading tools and systems gives Venture the advantage in helping its clients create, deliver and integrate a growing number of customer touchpoints — including statements, letters, welcome kits, checks, year-end tax documents, escrow statements and modification packages. 

“Whether a critical communication takes place on a printed document, in an email, via SMS, or through an app, our tools keep each transaction secure, compliant, and aligned with the client’s brand promise,” says Krueger. Venture logo

Many of Venture’s tools directly support client self-service—a must-have in the mortgage industry. “More than half of today’s consumers prefer paying their bills online,” explains Krueger. “Our Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solutions let clients offer an easy-to-use option for online bill payment.”

Venture can either build these full-service solutions or support existing systems with customer viewing options for current and past statements. With Venture’s Preference Center, a client’s customers access the self-service hub through a branded web portal, email, or SMS. From there, they choose their preferred delivery method for their documents and communications. 

The trend toward multi-channel delivery goes beyond customer preference — it also represents a more sustainable customer service model. “Print is still a big deal in the world of critical communications, but there’s just no better tool than multi-channel deployment for meeting customers on their terms — or for ensuring a consistent brand experience,” says Krueger.

“Our multi-channel capabilities let us create a communication once and publish in different platforms. Synchronizing channels provides a better customer experience along with more control over the communication, from personalization to updates, performance tracking and audit trails. 

“We’re also doing more in terms of planning and deploying mobile communications strategies so our clients can connect with consumers in more immediate ways—such as using an SMS text message that includes a link to a document or a self-service payment portal. 

“Finally, we see more companies adding messaging on a statement or inserts into their mailings for better retention, cross-selling and revenue generation. Since critical communications have higher open and read rates than other mailings, this step reduces costs while improving visibility and engagement. 

“Every strategy we apply and every tool we integrate loops back to this goal of making the most of each client communication while keeping data secure and meeting regulations,” Krueger says. “The key is using client data to personalize as much as possible through customer targeting. 

“At Venture, we know how to make these targeted messages relevant, sync them across channels, and then optimize them for each of those channels without compromising the data. This end-to-end, vision-to-implementation work is where we really shine as a strategic partner for our clients—and where they realize the biggest gains in their programs.”


KreugerMatt Krueger, Vice President of Sales

Matt Krueger is an accomplished strategic leader with nearly 20 years of experience improving sales. Before joining Venture in 2016, he served as executive director of sales and client management with a local mid-sized corporation. In this role, he guided overall sales strategy, as well as strategic planning, forecasting, and customer life-cycle solutions.