Miami-based M&M Mortgage provides its clients a full range of property inspection and preservation services across all 50 states, including utility management and vacant property registrations.

M&M Mortgage’s team carefully reviews a property and provides a comprehensive and complete report to the client. The report outlines interior and exterior conditions, if there are any appliances or if they have been removed, damages, plumbing conditions and any other adverse conditions or information pertaining to the property. 

In addition to the property review, M&M provides a variety of services to ensure property preservation, including code violation abatement, eviction services, debris removal, HUD conveyance preparation, winterization and more. 

George Mencia, co-founder and president of M&M Mortgage, said the company takes pride in the service it provides to its clients and to communities across the country.  “The biggest value is for the communities that do not have to deal with the upkeep of vacant properties,” he said. M&M logo

As the industry faces a potential regulatory upheaval, Mencia said M&M will stay on its current course and make changes to meet new compliance or regulatory challenges, as necessary. 

“As with any change in any administration, regulatory change is expected,” Mencia added. “However, it is still unknown what regulatory changes will come. For now, we will continue on the current path and adjust as needed as compliance requirements change.”

Mencia said the company lives by two key principles: honesty and integrity. 

“We go out of our way to protect our clients’ interests and ensure their needs are taken care of,” Mencia said. “We make it a point every day to make sure our clients have all the information they need in a timely and efficient manner.”

The company culture at M&M Mortgage is one of team work and collaboration. The company constantly promotes a team dynamic and encourages all team members to be active participants in everything the company does. Additionally, M&M provides team-building events, company picnics and catered lunches, as well as robust benefits to encourage long-term employment.

The biggest opportunity for M&M will be advancements in technology. The company has a history of being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.  

“As technology has evolved it has allowed us to create the tools to more effectively and efficiently service our clients and communities across the country,” Mencia said. “The evolution of technology slows for no one and we are excited to move forward with new technological advances.”


MenciaGeorge Mencia, Founder

George Mencia is one of the founders of M&M Mortgage Services. With over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry, his knowledge, vision and leadership has allowed M&M to grow from a local field service company in 1987 to a nationwide company servicing some of the largest financial institutions in the country. Prior to opening up M&M, Mencia was vice president of default management at Amerifirst Savings, and later held the same position at Kislak.


MartinJorge Martin, Founder

Jorge Martin is one of the founders of M&M Mortgage Services. Martin has over 30 years of experience in the finance and collection industries. Prior to opening up M&M, he was a manager at LOR Finance, collection supervisor at Haytt, Haytt & Landau, and skip tracing supervisor for Amerifirst Savings in Florida. From 1992-1998 Martin served as a member of the City of West Miami Zoning Board.


SanzArmando Sanz, VP of Operations

Armando Sanz joined M&M Mortgage Services in 1992 as a field representative. In his role as vice president of operations, Sanz oversees all functions of the company including inspections, property preservation, business development, vendor management, human resources and accounting. Having worked several years out in the field, he has first-hand experience in all aspects of our business.