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MetrostudyÕ MortgagePro expands lender opportunities with access to builder data

Customizable platform delivers proprietary research for organic and M&A growth

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The 2017 mortgage market provides tremendous opportunities for lenders, provided they can navigate the tight supply of new homes. Customized data and analysis from MortgagePro, developed by Metrostudy, utilizes proprietary survey research cross-referenced with public data to give lenders a critical advantage in locating and targeting new areas. 

By providing complete and accurate visibility into housing market opportunities, MortgagePro gives users the ability to gain critical insight into activity trends; including distribution of loans by type, a comprehensive list of builder participants with sizing and lender relationship intelligence, as well as competitive sizing and market share trends.

MortgagePro is a flexible and customizable platform that allows each client to decide how to use it. The platform is capable of delivering information from a national perspective all the way down to a local ZIP code level. The platform also provides custom reporting through its powerful analytics tool, allowing for precise customization for any business strategy. Each client’s geographic target is assessed and the MortgagePro experience is tailored to that blueprint. Clients get exactly the information they need without the noise of irrelevant data.

MortgagePro is comprised of two core datasets: proprietary survey research into active and future home construction, which is activity collected by Metrostudy, and public record data that Metrostudy integrates with its proprietary data. MortgagePro conducts in-field surveys of activity at new home construction sites as well as future development plans from county municipalities, and uses daily feeds of new public records from more than 2,400 counties nationwide. MortgagePro’s use of on-the-ground intelligence gives the platform a unique advantage over competitors.

“What sets Metrostudy apart from other providers of data is their boots on the ground in the vast majority of growth markets in the country,” said Jim Owen, National Builders Sales Executive for Fifth Third Bank. “The builder market is a very fragmented market and you really need to know who they are and what they are doing if you want a scalable program.”

The raw public records data is cleansed daily by algorithms that scrub it and then standardize it, correcting sale types and more. MortgagePro then matches the new home sales records to new home subdivision data. This matching is done by the platform’s research staff in the company’s survey areas (76% of all new construction activity nationwide and covering all the top markets). The researchers physically match each new home deed to a subdivision that’s being tracked in the field. This provides for amazing data cleanliness and great insight into the full demand and supply story.
Lenders can use MortgagePro to review their market for trends and current business market share to effectively locate areas with the greatest opportunity for growth. Using the data in MortgagePro at the subdivision level, lenders can see not only which communities are actively selling, but which lenders are already working in that space and how many units remain. This effectively allows for triage of low-hanging fruit versus more strategic sales.

MortgagePro’s proprietary survey activity tracking permits lenders to achieve an additional layer of analysis not available elsewhere. Clients can learn about new home subdivisions beginning construction before anyone else, giving them a leg up on establishing a relationship with those builders and becoming a preferred lender, guaranteeing a pipeline of revenue.

“MortgagePro is an essential tool because it is the most comprehensive report on builder activity by metro market that exists,” Owen said. “It lets you focus on the targets that will produce the most activity for you.”

Lenders are also able to track market share and housing trends to deliver consistent updates to local users and the executives making business and strategy decisions.

MortgagePro also can be used as an aid for prospecting. The platform includes key builder contact information including address, phone, and email for division presidents, heads of sales and marketing and purchasing leads.

An interesting niche use case for MortgagePro is in the post-TRID market.  Lenders are faced with many new requirements and challenges, such as reaching out to potential homebuyers with low-to-moderate incomes, as well as homebuyers from diverse backgrounds. MortgagePro allows lenders to focus on these areas to uncover opportunities that exist with builders operating in specific locations. By using MortgagePro, lenders are able to strategically analyze which builders likely represent the best opportunity to help them meet their regulatory goals

Two MortgagePro features are growing increasingly popular among its users: the creation of Mergers and Acquisitions reports and the ability to recruit loan officers from competing lenders. The M&A reports target other lenders in various markets around the United States based on the volume of business they do, and other key criteria deemed important to the acquiring party.

As the refinance market decreases and the purchase market assumes greater importance, more and more lenders are looking to grow business with builders, as they provide an improved revenue stream through consistency and volume. 

By using MortgagePro to help grow business through recruiting, organic growth, and M&A reports,  lenders can grab business where it is now, as well as where it is going to be in the future.

“Metrostudy as a company is very responsive to its clients and are terrific partners to work with. When you have a unique request they can sit down with you and get you what you need,” Owen said.

For more information on Metrostudy's MortgagePro, click here

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