Matic headshotDamir Matic’s extensive experience has shaped the engineering and architecture teams at Mortgage Cadence. His intimate understanding of the role that product architecture plays in the overall success of the business ultimately enables the company’s clients to pursue new opportunities and achieve unique profit gains. 

Just one of Matic’s accomplishments this past year helped industrialize Mortgage Cadence’s product release process, ultimately benefiting ongoing software quality. This accomplishment, also known as agile train, decouples release methodology from development methodology, so that features are developed in separate branches and not slotted for release until they have been completed. 

This separation allows features to take as much time as needed to enable developer creativity. As Mortgage Cadence continues to grow and remain the industry leader, this new system creates a highly formalized and repeatable approach, leading to the highest quality product releases. 

Matic’s understanding of the company’s technology combined with the agile train approach has allowed him to skillfully implement changes to the system to meet customers’ needs, ultimately moving the market forward by adapting technology to meet each lender’s definition of lending perfection.

Over the years Matic has been directly responsible for, spearheaded, involved with, or aided multiple key technical, organizational, operational and business efforts. These include development of ELC rule and formula administration functionality, document generation engine, ACE and LDO traces, implementation of synchronous communication method in a natively asynchronous Silverlight environment, Configuration Migration Engine inception and Screen Builder inception. 

He has also worked on the development of Document Center (DC), DC high-capacity batch processing grid, ELC SaaS migration, agile and hybrid agile migration, SDLC normalization and restructuring of offshore teams to enhance value creation. Matic attributes his success to the team effort of others he has worked with on a daily basis.

 As executive vice president of technology architecture and engineering, Matic sees his role within Mortgage Cadence as one that facilitates good decision-making by ensuring that individual ideas and collective diverse talents are translated into effective solutions that deliver tangible value to clients and, ultimately, to the end consumer. 

Creating an environment of openness, co-operation, mutual respect, and shared purpose where every employee can contribute based on their particular talent is foundational to Matic’s vision. Matic’s contribution to Mortgage Cadence has not just been what the company has done, but rather what is has become and how it runs. 

Matic’s natural curiosity led him to coding at an early age, then led him to study sciences in college.  Software development within mortgage lending as well as within a broader financial services space emerged as a natural fit for Matic, who relishes the opportunity to untangle a pile of regulations, processes, standards and diverse technologies with software solutions. 

Looking toward the future, Matic is excited about the firm’s New Borrower Center, finding novel solutions to front-end problems, infinite scalability, open API, SaaS and onboarding enhancements and the convergence of technology and operations.