(Correction: This article previously stated that Altisource Portfolio Solutions is rebranding as Trelix. That is incorrect. Altisource Origination Services is rebranding. This article is now correct.)

Altisource Portfolio Solutions announced today that Altisource Origination Services will rebrand as Trelix.

Altisource Origination Services, now Trelix, is a provider of real estate, mortgage and technology services.

According to the company, it views the launch of the its new brand as a new opportunity to help lenders mitigate risks and reduce costs through customized mortgage solutions and its new technology launch.

As per a press release: some of Trelix’s services include:

  • Processing: File preparation from application to closing
  • Underwriting: Financial profile evaluation against lending guidelines and loan criteria to inform loan request decisions
  • Loan Due Diligence: Full correspondent performance analysis and ratings agency due diligence to help ensure industry standards are met.
  • Quality Control: Independent review of applicable loan files and associated documents to help maintain compliance with agency and lender requirements.

“The rebranding to Trelix is another important step in the evolution of our story as we continue to invest in technology to address the evolving and increasingly more complex needs of mortgage lenders and investors,” Trelix President Jon Gerretsen said.

The company said that it will also be launching an "innovative" technology platform in the first quarter of 2017, which is designed to improve mortgage lenders' competitiveness by better managing  regulatory obligations and helping businesses efficiently scale their operations.