ATTOM Data Solutions teamed up with UtilityScore to add utility costs to ATTOM’s data platform.

Under the new data licensing agreement, ATTOM will have exclusive rights to the utility data. This data includes annual and monthly electric bills, natural gas bills, water/sewer bills and neighborhood-level utility costs, according to a report from ATTOM.

“We’re pleased to add the innovative UtilityScore data element to the expanding ATTOM data warehouse,” ATTOM CEO Rob Barber said.

“Fused with our existing property data elements, utility costs will be immediately applicable for many bulk data customers, including lenders, online real estate portals, homebuilders, big box retailers, solar companies, cable companies, home appliance manufacturers, home security companies and government agencies,” Barber said.

UtilityScore calculates utility cost estimates using more than 7,000 local utility rates, property characteristics such as size and age and regional climate data, according to the report.

Each home is assigned a score between one and 100 to show how its utility costs stack up with others in the area. On the scale, 100 represents a very low utility bill and one represents a very high utility bill.