Look it up by his full name. Nothing? Okay, try just the last name. Try the address. Nothing there? What about the street number and the city?

Sound familiar? Searching tax records. Yes, Realtors are all-too familiar with the struggle of finding that one property.

For example, a street in the Dallas area, Still Hollow, took forever to find since it’s listed as Still HOLW in the tax records. Even once you find it, transferring the data from the tax records to zipForm can be a pain as you toggle from one screen to the other, searching for that one bit of information you need.

A new integration changes that. Realtors Property Resource, which delivers on-the-go access to the real estate platform, available exclusively to Realtors, now allows zipForm to autofill public tax information.

zipForms provides templates for Realtors to fill out in order to list a property, put in a new contract, or perform any number of real estate transactions.

From RPR’s Property Details page, most Realtors using zipForm will automatically see the new zipForm transactions button. If not, they can link their account.

From there, Realtors will then have the option to:

  • Go to specific existing transactions for that property address in zipForm
  • Start a new transaction for the street address pulled up in RPR

This is where Realtors would see the new zipForm link in RPR:

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(Source: RPR)