Chronos Solutions, a national real estate financial services provider, reached a tipping point last year. The company, formerly known as Matt Martin Real Estate Management, rebranded itself in October 2015, but the name change was just part of a much bigger strategy shift going on within the company.

Chronos’ new direction has been fueled by a series of key acquisitions over the last 18 months. In 2015, the company acquired RealtyBid.com, which specializes in the expedited sale of bank-owned assets, and Cogent Road, a credit, verification and origination technology-based business.

In 2016 Chronos has purchased Commerce Title and Closing as well as UPF Services, which provides process-driven services and technology solutions for the real estate and mortgage industries.

ChronosBy acquiring these companies, Chronos has assembled the industry’s first independent end-to-end source for services and solutions, including all of the services listed on the HUD-1. The company now offers technology enabled services and solutions that span the mortgage continuum, from origination and post-close, through servicing and default management.

Chronos’ comprehensive service offerings now include credit reporting and analysis services; income, tax return, employment, asset and SSN verification services and title and closing services. The firm also offers flood hazard compliance services, real estate tax monitoring, document preparation and recording services; lien release, assignment and trailing document services.

In addition, Chronos offers appraisal management technology, appraisals and valuation services; ownership and encumbrances reports, property information reports and HOA solutions for loan origination and post-closing and default title, closing and recording services.

The company also provides lien, flood, insurance and real estate tax portfolio monitoring services; BPOs and valuations; HOA risk mitigation solutions, accelerated asset liquidation and marketing services, including online CWCOT and Trustee Sale Plus auctions; short sale and deed-in-lieu services, field services and REO asset management and disposition services for servicing and default management.

“These acquisitions enable us to offer even more value to clients by providing technology and integrated solutions for lending and credit risk management, while decreasing the cost of fulfillment,” said Matt Slonaker, executive vice president of business development at Chronos Solutions.

“We have acquired the raw materials and now we are figuring out ways of putting them together to provide a one-stop shop for customized transactional Chronosand business process management services,” Slonaker said.

The company, which prides itself on being “large enough to execute, but small enough to care,” provides real partnership for its clients. Instead of functioning merely as a vendor, Chronos Solutions employs a unique consultative approach, sitting down with clients to find out what their goals and processes are, and then customizing professional solutions to meet those needs.

“We have made strategic acquisitions and internal investments for organic growth to offer a full suite of products for the mortgage origination, servicing and default management channels,” said Slonaker.  “Whether our clients are a top 10 lender or servicer or young companies just starting out, our solutions suite can be tailored to work for all sizes.”