Despite the negative stigma that surrounds mobile homes, it doesn’t mean the manufactured houses don’t have a role to play in the housing process, especially when it comes to affordability.

According to an article in Bloomberg by Patrick Clark, “The average sales price of a new mobile home was $67,800 in April, compared with an average sales price of $380,000 for a site-built home.”

The majority of mobile homes are located in in California. However, this is starting to charge. The article stated that in recent years, new mobile home sales have made up a larger share of the housing market in Southern states.   

So what’s stopping the growth?

From the article:                                                        

The mobile home industry has a controversial past, with a reputation for selling poor customers shoddy products and expensive loans. In many cases, mobile home owners buy the structure they live in but lease the land on which it lies.

But, as housing prices start to rise, so does the appeal of mobile homes.

The articles added, “While mobile homes often make the most sense in sparsely populated areas, there’s no reason they can’t be used to increase the stock of affordable housing in U.S. cities.”