Worthington photo

Todd Worthington

VP, Client Services, Chronos Solutions

“Whether an issue is creditor- or bureau-specific, Todd has the knowledge to understand the most difficult underwriting conditions and help find a solution that can speed up the loan process.”

As vice president of client services for Chronos Solutions’ credit services division, Todd Worthington helps the company’s corporate clients qualify more of their individual loan applicants while helping them on an institutional basis as they work to navigate regulatory compliance and mitigate consumer disputes. 

He is also there to help protect them from credit-related issues that could potentially lead to buybacks or selling a loan at a loss. 

Worthington joined the company in February after Chronos Solutions acquired Cogent Road. His positive impact goes beyond winning the hearts of Chronos Solutions’ customers. Because his business motto is “employee retention builds client retention,” he is a huge part of the company’s evolving companywide environment where employees are happy and excited to connect with their clients. 

“A steady stream of unsolicited customer compliments has made it clear how significant his contribution has been,” said Darcy Patch, vice president of marketing at Chronos Solutions.