Nasser photo

Cindy Nasser

SVP, Operations, PCV Murcor

“Recipient of the company’s Margaret Murray Award for innovation and leadership, Cindy possesses an excellent record of nurturing relationships and an impressive history of exceeding delivery expectations.”

Cindy Nasser not only plays a key role in the executive direction of PCV Murcor, but also oversees the critical workflow functions of the business. During her tenure, Nasser has regularly brought new business opportunities to PCV Murcor, while exerting a sustained, positive influence on client success, sales growth and business retention. 

Nasser commands expertise in areas such as the appraiser panel, the efficiency of the appraisal assignment and delivery processes and the quality of the final appraisal products delivered to clients. Her focus on excellence encompasses not just PCV Murcor’s operations, but the valuations industry as a whole.