Batangan photo

Sarah Batangan

SVP, Correspondent Operations, Stearns Lending

“Sarah was the brains behind our implementation of the Powerful Player Award in correspondent lending, a recognition program within our channel to promote positive behavior and healthy work habits.”

Sarah Batangan is currently serving as the senior vice president for  correspondent lending operations and enterprise offshore program senior director at Stearns Lending. She is the business lead for the new operating system implementation and has temporarily worked with primary channels on centralized indexing and with post closing on insuring and guaranty for primary channels. 

Batangan was originally hired as the business lead for the new correspondent lending purchasing system, and it was clear after her first year with the organization that she was  knowledgeable about the platform she was launching. She had a knack for being able to dig into a line of business and iron out any process, technology or personnel gaps and deficiencies. Even after her promotion to senior vice president of correspondent lending operations, Batangan continued to juggle her “day job” with ancillary projects for the enterprise, while maintaining exceptional productivity and quality ratings in her line of business.