Parsons photo

Todd Parsons

Client Services Delivery Associate Manager, Product Support, Mortgage Cadence

“Todd embodies true dedication and commitment. Through his management abilities and unyielding efforts within product support, he increases lending speed and efficiency to provide an unparalleled borrower experience to our customers.”

Through skillful hiring, procedure development and the implementation of documentation best practices, Todd Parsons has shaped Mortgage Cadence’s product support team into what it is today. 

Parsons transitioned all of Mortgage Cadence customers to an enhanced ticketing system while working tirelessly across the organization to develop deep relationships in order to break down silos and increase overall efficiency and effectiveness. He also enabled the company’s clients to remain compliant through the creation of a very complex query system.

His role as product support team lead involves solving the most complex tickets and scenarios submitted by Mortgage Cadence customers. 

“There is no issue too big or small for Todd and his team; each issue is addressed with agility and persistence,” his nominator said. “He ensures that our customers remain compliant and our staff have the data they need, setting an industry-wide precedent for world-class customer service.”