Olin photo

Delane Olin

SVP, National Training and Development, Stearns Lending

“Delane has been an extreme asset to Stearns and deserves to be recognized for the copious amount of training and structure she has brought to the organization.”

At Stearns Lending, Delane Olin has created a centralized, cross-functional training team, and established intake and prioritization processes, instructional design routines and internal policies and procedures for the learning function. She has also  implemented a first-class learning management system to create a “one-stop-shop” for all training materials, event calendars and self-paced learning. 

Olin also implemented an enterprise-wide new employee orientation to onboard employees to Stearns and kicked off development for a manager training program designed to quickly acclimate new managers. In addition, Olin created a formalized support structure for new-hire training for key fulfillment roles and enhanced sales training programs to include refined compliance, culture, and systems training.

She also implemented a robust regulatory compliance training program to include detailed procedural training on a variety of topics pertaining to ECOA, HMDA, and TRID.