LaRose photo

Dave LaRose

VP, Technical Excellence, Nationwide Title Clearing

“Dave LaRose is a jack-of-all-trades and is incredibly valuable in our industry. This is a person who finds solutions to problems, always works  as a team player, and allows others to become educated from his research and findings.”

Dave LaRose’s work has been vital to Nationwide Title Clearing. In his current position, he assists the legal department, client services, sales and the production area when an issue arises. With nearly 30 years experience in real estate and title-related capacities, he has familiarized himself with learning and perfecting the operation of each department at NTC, using his knowledge as training material for NTC staff. 

LaRose has been instrumental in developing training courses and seminars for NTC which have contributed to its unprecedented 99.98% statute compliance rate and .77% reject rate at all 3600+ counties, nationwide. He has developed a series of seminars for continuing education for employees and controls and updates company policies and procedures to ensure they align. 

 His relentless fixation on excellence and training measures recently established a new service for NTC by creating documentation, training materials, schedules and a specified standard which is now sold to NTC’s clients as a best practice standard for the industry.