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Amanda Harvey

Client Service Manager, Clayton Holdings

“Amanda goes above and beyond her role and responsibilities as client service manager on a daily basis. Her experience in the industry and commitment to her clients is unrivaled.”

Amanda Harvey, who has been with Clayton for 10 years, is a trusted liaison between sales and operations. In addition to her daily tasks, she manages large projects, which include working closely with clients to outline the scope, turn-time requirements, reporting protocols and other deliverables that are needed to meet project expectations. 

Harvey was recently asked to manage a large staffing engagement for a client with extremely tight timeframes, multiple channels and quick-turn initiatives for a deal with visibility up to the client’s CEO. She managed to get a huge staff onsite in various locations across the country and also organized and obtained necessary documents, ultimately facilitating a cross-sell opportunity into a new business line and expanding the relationship with the client. 

Harvey identified cost efficiencies and streamlined processes for the client and managed this account so well that this client made Clayton their go-to firm for all of their mortgage and real estate market needs.

“Amanda is a dedicated team member and will do whatever is necessary to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction,” her nominator wrote. “Her experience in the industry and commitment to her clients is unrivaled.”