Gibson photo

Leigh Gibson

Senior Manager, VRM Mortgage Services

“Leigh not only leads a group within the company that oversees all efforts to achieve excellence, but serves in this role by example.”

Leigh Gibson is a senior manager for VRM, overseeing the Program Management Office  and Change Control Board. She led a company shift to a Kaizen model of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency, which has provided the opportunity for more than 38,000 improvement hours gained in one calendar year, which have also had a positive reciprocal effect on the financial performance of VRM in that time frame.

Gibson’s leadership of the Kaizen improvement initiative included a training component that has led to 21 VRM employees being immersed in the Kaizen methodology. 

Through the Program Management Office, which oversees all new client startups and provides 100% management of process development as well as process re-engineering, Gibston has led the company to best-in-class customer reviews. With Gibson’s leadership, VRM has received consistent clean audit results from several large clients, big banks and the Office of Inspector General.