RES.NET offers customized solutions for mortgage lenders

Customizable Workflow allows for quick integration with enterprise systems


RES.NET’s newest innovation leverages customer feedback to produce individual solutions for its clients. As the company reviewed areas for software enhancements, it identified a number of elements that would be a great benefit for individual clients, but not for all its clients. From this insight, the company developed its Customizable Workflow as an add-on to its established system and offer user-specific customization.

“We are now able to customize each user’s system without the long development cycles our competitors rely on,” said Rob Pajon, senior vice president, marketing and product.

“Users can implement changes to their system with just a simple phone call to the RES.NET support team and have the change implemented within 48 hours or less, giving them the best of both models.”

RES.NET’s established technology allows them to keep up with industry-wide changes by providing regular updates through sprint cycles, while the customizable portion of the system ensures that users can change system functionality on the fly in response to changes in internal processes, regulation, and inventory, with a single call.RESNET logo

“Our competitors offer technology solutions that are either out of the box (established) or completely tailor made (custom) for each client. RES.NET is the only tech provider offering the benefits of both these models in one application,” Pajon said.

By providing clients with an established application that covers the majority of their needs, RES.NET delivers the cost savings, easy implementation, and routine updates that are commonly seen as the upside of this model.

With the addition of its Customizable Workflow, the company can also provide clients with the ability to customize that enterprise system as often as they like.

“The ability to augment their system allows customers to change their internal processes and keep up with regulatory requirements without having to pause and wait for a development team to bring the technology up to speed,” Pajon said.

“We believe that technology should never limit operations, but rather that technology should empower operations. When a customer comes up with a way to increase their operational efficiency, they should be able to change the technology and test their new process as quickly as possible,” he said.

Innovation has always been central to RES.NET. The company was created as a technology product to serve the needs of USRES and has since expanded to provide software tools for servicers, investors, real estate agents, vendors and consumers. Its unique background combines tech expertise with the knowledge base of industry insiders.

“RES.NET is not a startup built by industry outsiders, but rather a technology solution built by people with an established and vested interest in the real estate and mortgage banking industries.” Pajon said.

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