ComergenceCRM bridges gap between lenders’ compliance and sales operations

Designed for wholesale, correspondent and warehouse lenders

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ComergenceCRM is built to address the unique needs of wholesale, correspondent and warehouse lenders, enabling them to grow their business by targeting the right originators for acquisition and growing market share of existing relationships. 

Unlike off-the-rack solutions, ComergenceCRM eliminates the need for costly customization and configuration. It has several value-adds including historical loan-production volumes, proprietary market forecast indicators with over 90% accuracy, month-over-month neighborhood watch data and more. 

“We built ComergenceCRM for wholesale, correspondent and warehouse lenders, bearing in mind their unique business challenges and limited access to disparate tools and information when it comes to identifying opportunities, and recruiting and managing third-party originators,” said Greg Schroeder, founder and president of Comergence.Comergence logo

ComergenceCRM can integrate with any lender’s loan origination solution, providing a 360-degree picture for deeper evaluation and easier health checks for all existing partnerships.

Using ComergenceCRM, lenders will be able to increase their share of market and better target who they should be doing business with. By leveraging CRM’s systems-engineered data and tool sets, they can:

  • Predict location performance with higher accuracy and increase market share with existing customers.
  • Use geospatial and location intelligence to strategically determine which markets to expand into and hire new account executives.
  • Put accurate contact data in the hands of sales executives so they can focus on selling instead of mining for leads.
  • Tailor marketing campaigns to improve ROI.
  • Evaluate production and neighborhood watch scores to determine optimum business targets.

“We’ve built the infrastructure, but the features are driven by our clients. We are constantly asking for feedback, input and testing so that we create products and solutions that solve their problems,” said Michael Stallings, founder and executive vice president, Comergence.

Schroeder continued, “We saw a gap between lender compliance and their sales operations that often created ‘loan prevention’ claims, so we fashioned a system to bridge the issue.”

ComergenceCRM is embedded in the Comergence third-party risk management portal, making it easy to invite and approve new customers while maintaining compliance demands. The program securely aggregates originators profile information and stores their documents, accomplishing the highest levels of SAFE Act compliance.

“Because we provide 24/7 continuous monitoring and surveillance of TPO clients, any issues will be exposed well before the renewal process,” Schroeder said.

ComergenceCRM includes a robust email marketing communications tool that includes analytics reports, the ability to manage custom lists for communications and leverages Comergence proprietary database to maintain data integrity of contacts.

Lenders can also determine high quality leads via the program’s proprietary Market forecasting tool, Historical Loan Production charts and Neighborhood Watch scores all from within the system.

“We have equipped ComergenceCRM with powerful intelligence and marketing tools so that lenders can better manage existing clients and target new opportunities,” Stallings said.

The company has made the program even more valuable to account executives and managers on the go by including a mobile app which gives sales and account executives the ability to geo-search accounts and prospects.

The app retains all the critical contact data that sales professionals require when in the field.

Comergence is scheduled to add even more business intelligence and reporting features to the CRM software before the end of the year.

“Our development team works extremely hard to build innovative solutions for the industry,” said Stallings. “We’re proud of our accomplishments thus far and we’ll continue to view our clients as strategic partners in our ongoing development efforts.”

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