Regulatory compliance demands from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, along with emerging cybersecurity threats, make it harder than ever for companies to tackle the challenges of protecting consumer information.

Cloudstar, which offers business, compliance and technology solutions for the real estate, land title, insurance and financial industries, is committed to developing solutions that deliver compliance, security and efficiency.

Gregory McDonald, the founder and CEO of Cloudstar states, “Cloudstar is unique because we specialize in meeting the security and compliance guidelines for regulated industries and have extensive experience working with the various software products used by land title, legal, real estate and mortgage companies.”

With the emergence of cloud computing as an attractive alternative to purchasing and maintaining on-premise servers, Cloudstar saw an opportunity to offer its clients a less expensive, more secure way of operating their business.Cloudstar logo

According to McDonald, “We watched as companies struggled to make traditional desktop software work in the cloud.  Printing was slow, access was difficult, and making the transition was painstakingly difficult.  Nonetheless, companies demanded cloud solutions.”

Clients can gain true efficiencies through Cloudstar’s hosted desktops and hosted infrastructure, which increase workplace productivity by providing a single desktop workspace for all software, apps and data. This workspace is available on any computer, laptop or tablet and is accessible anywhere, delivering always-on capability for employees.

“Using Cloudstar’s hosted desktop provides never-before-seen freedom for our customers, coupled with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity.  Clients enjoy using all of their existing software, and through the power of our cloud, can operate any of their existing software through any standard web browser, iPad, Android tablet, and from any location,” McDonald said.  

Cloudstar takes a holistic approach to helping its clients understand, evaluate, purchase, implement, manage, maintain and support the technology lifeblood of their business. Cloudstar chooses not to provide an off-the-shelf packaged product, but rather gets to know each client personally, to partner with them and build solutions for their particular needs.

“There are many cloud providers that will sell you parts of a system, but not the entire solution,” says McDonald. “Cloudstar is different. Cloudstar is a people-first company dedicated to the land title, real estate, legal and mortgage industries.”

Additionally, client data can be backed up and replicated in real time to any of Cloudstar’s four nationwide datacenters, located in separate disaster recovery zones for geographic redundancy. These “banking-grade” secure datacenters feature armed guards, biometric accessibility, emergency power generators, and 24/7 monitoring by certified engineers.

Cloudstar is always looking at the latest cyber security threats as well as up-and-coming legislation as a way to keep its clients ahead of the regulatory compliance and data security curve. 

“We are the first provider in the land title industry to offer two-factor authentication for settlement services software hosted in the cloud and our clients continue to benefit from our innovative foresight,” said Steven LaGreca, Senior Engineer at Cloudstar who was instrumental in the implementation of the technology.

As the chairman of the ALTA Subcommittee on Network and Cyber Security, and member of the ALTA Technology Committee, McDonald’s expertise in technology, compliance and intimate knowledge of the land title, insurance and financial industries, is a combination no other cloud hosting provider can offer.

McDonald says “The entire ecosystem surrounding the company’s data and systems is compliant, allowing business owners to focus on running their business, and worry a little less about data security.”

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