Clear Capital provides alternative to traditional appraisals

Panel of licensed, certified appraisers power ClearVal Appraisal

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Hearing the industry call for an alternative to traditional appraisals for transactions that do not require a 1004 or 2055, Clear Capital stepped up to create a solution. ClearVal Appraisal delivers reports in less time and for less money than traditional appraisal reports.

ClearVal offers clients the confidence of a full appraisal with reliable data in a single, easy-to-read report without losing quality. The report delivers As-Is and As-Repaired Values from a licensed appraiser in accordance with USPAP and is designed to be compliant with the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines.


One of the key components is the panel of licensed or certified appraisers who are “powering” the product. These appraisers have completed over 375,000 Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA) reports to date and their skill set hones in on desktop valuations within Clear Capital’s proprietary, data-rich forms. They maintain a low revision rate and exceed customer on-time Service Level Agreements.

“Our inspections are completed exclusively by licensed real estate agents or brokers,” said Jamos Purtill, product manager.Clear Capital logo

“These real estate professionals go through our strict on-boarding process and are ranked against their peers for quality, effectiveness and professionalism. The agents are active within the subject’s market, giving them an eye and talent for recognizing value influencing repairs that impact the marketability of the property.”


ClearVal leverages comparable data fueled by RealTime MLS analyses and public records, aerial imagery and mapping, plus market data supplied by Clear Capital’s Home Data Index (HDI). The Clear Capital HDI distinguishes itself from other home indices in a few ways:

  • It equally weights distressed REO, short sales and lower-priced homes with more expensive homes, offering a more accurate view of the market.
  • There’s a patent pending on the Clear Capital rolling-quarter methodology, which helps to calculate trends that can eliminate a two-month lag time associated with other indices.
  • The Clear Capital HDI produces home price trends over 10 different geographic levels, including national, regional, state, MSA, county, ZIP code, tract and block group for extremely drilled-down results.

Plus, its proprietary comparable database has more than over 100 million unique property records.

“Innovative thinking is foundational to Clear Capital’s culture, and every employee is encouraged to think out of the box. We have formed a cross-functional Product Leadership team comprising product managers, analysts and designers. This team collaborates with leaders from customer experience, data science, engineering, and operations to solve key challenges through leading-edge data and technology capabilities,” explains Kenon Chen, executive vice president of product.


The ClearVal quality assurance process alone has four gatekeepers: a proprietary rules engine (ClearQC), a broker-quality QA analyst review, a second pass through ClearQC with a unique rule set, and a final review by an internal desktop valuations QA analyst. With extensive coverage from geo-competent appraisers that offer industry-compliant solutions, the outcomes are saving clients time and money.

With ClearVal, clients gain access to fast, lower-cost appraisal options that deliver confident value conclusions.

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