Property valuation plays a challenging role in mortgage lending as banks seek new solutions that meet their compliance requirements. A lender’s ability to leverage the next-generation of cost-effective alternative products will be key to managing escalating lending costs. 

For lenders seeking to integrate alternative solutions into their existing operations, the Clarocity Valuation Platform provides a seamless solution for managing complex valuation orders. In fact, Clarocity is the first platform to use a modular vendor approach to manage complex workflows with ease.

Alternatively, current valuation vendors can license Clarocity to support their lending clients by expanding their product offering. As a turnkey solution, Clarocity is available to AMCs looking to go beyond traditional appraisal and offer robust appraisal and review products.Clarocity logo

“We knew that to successfully deliver the next-generation would require us to develop a whole new approach to platform technology,” said Bill Mohler, executive vice president of product.

“Clarocity is essentially the operating system for a whole new approach to valuations that allows us to rapidly develop new products and solutions for our lender clients.”

Clarocity features:

  • A tightly integrated vendor tools and management system, which provides unparalleled insight into the valuation process.
  • Modular product architecture that allows for rapid deployment of new valuation solutions.
  • An intuitive automated operations workflow that takes the complexity out of managing client orders. Powered by real-time order pipelines, it ensures rapid completion and delivery of valuation orders.

“While many clients may opt for a full technology solution, we understand that many lenders are looking at incorporating these products into their lending workflow,” said Shane Copeland, chief executive officer of Clarocity Corporation. “For those clients, we offer best in class fulfillment services of all Clarocity solutions through our Valuation Vision and Valued Veterans companies.”

The Clarocity Valuation Platform provides the base for the most innovative valuation products available in the market today.

Valuation Vision, was founded to leapfrog traditional broker price opinions with a whole new line of BPOs, culminating with BPOMerge, the industry’s first multi-opinion BPO. The Clarocity platform was designed to manage concurrent deployment of multiple agents to deliver a highly accurate collaborative valuation solution. BPOMerge has been client tested and proven to rival traditional appraisals solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Valued Veterans, a full service Appraisal Management Company, offers the full range of appraisal valuation products including Clarocity’s MarketValue Pro (MVP). MVP is a qualitative appraisal report that meets interagency guidelines for a wide range of lender applications.

The optional integrated 40+ element inspection can be provided by a local agent, thereby reducing appraisal costs by more than 50% depending on the market.

MVP was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly so that any appraiser can start and complete high-quality appraisal reports in minutes. Once the inspection is completed, appraisers are then presented with the inspection data as part of the MVP online workflow.

MVP uses Clarocity-powered dynamic forms to lead the appraiser through the report, which includes integrated public record data, hundreds of field-level validations and real-time best practices rules.

At every step Clarocity’s mission is to challenge traditional valuation solutions with a whole new breed of alternative products. Whether it’s licensing the underlying technology or incorporating fulfilled products into lending workflow, Clarocity is redefining collateral valuation.

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