Serena Yang is the vice president of marketing for Civic Financial Services, a nationwide private money lender offering financing for commercial rental property investors. Civic Financial Services is a subsidiary of Wedgewood, one of the top distressed asset buyers in the nation.

Previously, Yang served as the director of marketing for Colony American Finance, a subsidiary company of Colony Capital and Colony American Homes. Yang was in charge of all the marketing initiatives at Colony American Finance, supporting the sales team in reaching the pinnacle of funding $1 billion in loans within 18 months.

At CAF, Yang developed and implemented marketing initiatives and strategies which included brand development, digital marketing, lead generation, social media, CRM/email campaigns, event sponsorships, conference management, website development, direct mail, public relations, paid search marketing and business development with industry partners. 

Some notable accomplishments this past year included content strategy and social media channels on over six platforms, managed more than 30 conferences, a company summit and special events nationwide, with more than 200 guests, set up four partnerships that included affinity programs/referrals, cross promotions and oversaw a six-figure annual budget for digital advertising. She also launched the #houseoftheweek campaign. 

Earlier in her career, Yang held marketing roles in entertainment, law and an executive position at the Carlyle Group, where she was in charge of business development and marketing their portfolio of real estate developments.

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