As senior vice president of foreclosure trustee operations for Auction.com, Eva Tapia manages and has significantly grown the company’s third-party sales program, which provides a marketing, educational, training and auction disposition service for lenders and servicers intending to sell properties in default at foreclosure sales.

This program, which is by far the largest of its kind in the country, has transformed what was previously the purview of “industry insiders” into an open environment where anyone who is financially qualified can bid on property, thereby improving both the sell through rate and return of Auction.com’s clients.

In 2015 Tapia oversaw the sale of more than 100,000 residential assets in foreclosure and expanded Auction.com’s third-party sales program to meet the needs of the industry’s top servicers, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and HUD. She also expanded the footprint of Auction.com’s third-party sales program to reach all 50 states and revolutionized how her clients market their foreclosure properties prior to auction by leveraging Auction.com’s online, global reach.

Tapia also met with and expanded upon partnerships with key decision makers in the industry, including HUD and Freddie Mac, and presented suggestions to these agencies for setting up successful foreclosure disposition programs.

Prior to her work at Auction.com, Tapia worked for Bank of America for 19 years, where she managed the largest independent foreclosure trustee in the nation, ReconTrust Company. While at BofA, Tapia pioneered the first non-courthouse location trustee sales event with Auction.com and managed the expansion of the company’s portfolio.

Tapia participates in Women in Legal Leadership as a part of her membership with ALFN.

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