Suzanne Shuck oversees a team of 178 employees at Freedom Mortgage, and is responsible for all of risk management including areas of operations risk management, credit and regulatory compliance quality control and special investigations.

Shuck launched and provided leadership throughout the implementation and success of Freedom Mortgage receiving its first-ever SSAE16 for both origination and servicing.

She brings the discipline of a depository banker to the current regulatory environment without compromising Freedom Mortgage’s organizational agility. 

In addition, she is an active member on the House Policy Council and HPAC as a leader in the industry.

Shuck also steered the Chief Risk Officer Forum for MBA and the executive steering committee through the preparation, launch, and oversight of TRID.

Her leadership of compliance and quality control resulted in Freedom Mortgage receiving A+ results when audited by Fannie Mae and the Veterans Administration. 

Shuck also proactively launched and led readiness assessments of CFPB audits.

In addition, Shuck established various programs and teams related to risk management that include: the change management committee, enterprise vendor management, a robust risk assessment program, complaint management and monitoring, gap analysis and corrective action monitoring.

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