In 1989, Bliss Morris established the first loan sale advisory firm in the nation, First Financial Network, and is recognized as a pioneer in creating the market for whole loan sales . Her ability to value complex portfolios and structure loan sales has played a critical role in resolving the U.S. housing crisis and restoring liquidity to the capital markets.

Morris has served in advisory roles to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FDIC and many of the nation’s banks in the valuation and sale of over $5 billion in residential loans this year alone.

Morris utilizes her entrepreneurial spirit, combined with strong leadership skills to position FFN as the industry’s recognized authority. FFN has served as loan sale advisor to more top 10 financial institutions than any other U.S. firm and has sold loans and other assets in 28 countries. Over the past three years, FFN has advised on, valued, prepared, marketed and/or sold over $100 billion of loans.

Morris, is widely recognized as a thought leader in the industry. For 26 years, FFN’s hallmarks have been relationship-based marketing and a strong commitment to innovative sale structures and solutions to foster recovery and stabilization in the mortgage markets.

Additionally, in the first quarter of 2015, Morris began serving as a consultant and advisor to Urban Partnership Bank, a Chicago bank with a mission of promoting economic sustainability and stabilization through its lending. As a successful culmination of  Morris’s advisory role to the bank, FFN valued and sold the bank’s $154 million single-family residential loan portfolio in 4Q2015 and 1Q2016

Morris not only maximizes value for her clients’ residential loan sales to reduce losses and taxpayer risk, but also advises on marketing and trading to the appropriate investors to ensure positive borrower outcomes and stabilize neighborhoods across the country.

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