[CORRECTION: The original version of this article indicated AP Optimizer is available for customers to use. It is not. It is available for businesses to use. The article is updated.]

U.S. Bank just partnered with accounting software provider Sage to introduce their new product, AP Optimizer, to their consumers.

“By showing the projected cash flow from both payables and receivables, the user quickly sees how to maximize their working capital and avoid crunch times of late payments and loss of float,” said Bradley Matthews, head of middle market product and marketing for U.S. Bank corporate payment systems.

U.S. Bank customers have access to the AP Optimizer’s consolidated payables tool, which streamlines multiple payment methods such as check, virtual card, ACH and wire into one process. The AP Optimizer’s Cash Flow Analyzer evaluates payments and cash flow data and identifies best times to pay.

Sage Live customers can gain insights from the Optimizer’s comparative data, which shows how their organization stacks up against its peers and best-in class performers. It includes a calculation of the savings or additional revenue that could be realized by making specific changes.