A recent post on Facebook, which reads more like a racist rant lead to one employee’s termination from Bank of America.

And the bank didn’t just fire her, it also made an announcement on its Twitter and Facebook pages, explaining that the company considered her post unacceptable, and she had been terminated.

Here is the company’s post on Facebook.

Although her Facebook account has since been deleted, an article by Ernie Suggs for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution contains the script from the post.

From the article:

Lindgren posted recently that she hated Facebook because, “you f—-ing (n-words) and yes if (you) can call each other that well I can too f—-ing (n-word) go back to Africa get over your pity party you created this hatred and your own kind that brought your great great grandparents over here and sold them.”

It is unclear who Lindgren is specifically targeting in her rant.

“Do something with your lives and your children’s lives I’m sure you don’t work collect welfare and teach hatred your poor children all 5 of them you can’t afford because I pay for them,” continued Lindgren, who identified herself as a personal banker in her profile.

But the uproar did not end with Lendgren’s termination. Some are still holding Bank of America accountable for her actions.

From the article:

Nicole Huckaby posted several comments about Lindgren's rant on her Facebook page, as well as screenshots of her telephone calls to Bank of America. She said the bank’s comment on Lindgren’s termination didn’t go far enough.

“They owe black people an apology,” Huckaby said. “The bank didn’t write the post, but at the end of the day, she represented the bank.”

Here’s some of the feedback Lendgren’s post has been getting on twitter:



And then there’s the response to Bank of America’s statement on Facebook:

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This isn’t the first time a company has fired an employee based on something seen on social media. Back in the Summer of 2015, CoreLogic faced the same dilemma after a video surfaced of one of its employees getting into a fight at a neighborhood pool.