According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, at-home credit unions are not going to be bundled into coming regulation limiting the timeframe for compensation and restriction on office locations.

Robin Sidel’s article is titled: “Safe at Home: Small Credit Unions Dodge Rule Requiring Office Space” and opens with the revelation that there are many, many credit unions so tiny they operate out of the owner’s home:

“Until recently, that home-based business model was under threat. Citing the safety and comfort of its examiners, the National Credit Union Administration in late 2013 proposed a rule that would have required all of its members to operate out of commercial locations, a potentially lethal blow for the roughly 85 home-based credit unions around the U.S.”

It seems that the NCUA is providing its charges to keep that flexible work environment.

Therefore, at-home credit unions remain safe, for now, unlike the big bankers who face bonus limits under the new regulation.