Third Federal Savings and Loan, a provider of savings and mortgage products, announced it is expanding its home purchase mortgage offering to five states including Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

“We are excited to be able to offer our superior mortgage products to customers purchasing homes,” said Chairman and CEO Marc Stefanski.

“We’ve just launched a new website, which provides customers access to our great rates right on our home page, functionality that other lenders can’t provide. Our rates and services are now available to more than 65% of the U.S. population, and offering purchase mortgages will serve more of these consumers’ needs,” added Stefanski.

According to the press release, the bank has offered mortgage refinance products in four of those states since 2010 and in Maryland since 2014. Home equity products are available as well. Since 2010, Third Federal has closed nearly $1.2 billion in refinance and home equity products in those five states.

Third Federal also offers products in: New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, and Washington D.C.

Third Financial also has branches in Florida and Ohio. In 2015, at the bank’s headquarters in Northeast Ohio, it was the leader in mortgages with 10% of the market.