Residents were forced to evacuate after the formation of a 60-foot wide sinkhole just 25 feet from the nearest backyard in Tarpon Springs mobile home park, according to an article by Peter Bernard for NBC News.

Water is turned off in the area, and surrounding areas are being asked to reduce water usage to reduce the pressure on the force main, according to the article.

From the article:

A spokesperson described the hole as a known sinkhole, and said that crews worked on it about six weeks ago. The city had contractors working in the area to repair a previous road collapse when the hole opened up.

About three years ago, CoreLogic produced a heat map highlighting verified sinkholes in Florida. According to the map, the state is riddled with verified sinkholes.

In the summer of 2013, CNBC reported on the problems sinkholes were bringing to home builders. The builders were being forced to move further outside the city, and build on lower quality sites to avoid the sinkhole problem. 

On rare occasions, sinkholes can cause fatalities.