RE/MAX named B2R Finance, a lender for rental property investors, as an approved supplier, where it will offer financing solutions for rental property investors through the RE/MAX network of sales associates.

According to B2R Finance, as an approved supplier of rental investor financing, it will support RE/MAX sales associates as they reach a new client base that goes beyond owner-occupied buyers.

B2R Finance will provide options to connect them with thousands of rental property investors seeking purchase or refinancing options.

“Many of our U.S. agents have close relationships with property investors and having information on the B2R financing products could provide more knowledge about the marketplace,” said Mike Ryan, RE/MAX executive vice president. “B2R provides another financing option that’s designed for the unique requirements of rental property investors.”

“We’re incredibly excited about the opportunity to align with RE/MAX and to support its nearly 60,000 U.S. sales associates with new financing solutions for their clients,” said Fiona Simmonds, chief development and administrative officer at B2R Finance.