Default Servicing Technologies announced today it rebranded itself in an attempt to better reflect what business it does, and who it serves. 

Default Servicing Technologies created critical software for banks, servicers, subservicers, capital market groups and other mortgage and real estate industry professionals. It is a provider of web-based automated tools used by mortgage servicers and asset management providers to efficiently manage and value Real Estate Owned properties.

They rebranded themselves as Exceleras.

"Automation allows our clients to accelerate the pace of business, which is vital to success,” said Amy Bergseth, Vice President of Operations for Exceleras, explaining the new name. “At the same time, operating in a highly regulated environment requires every technology buyer to seek out excellent partners, especially when it comes to mission critical technology. Expanding beyond the default sector required us to rebrand."

Some of the company’s clients include the DispoSolutions real estate disposition platform and the ValueSolutions enterprise collateral valuation management technology. 

Some of their software-as-a-service solutions are Real Estate Owned, Short Sale, Valuation, Offer Management Platform and ValueSolutions enterprise collateral valuation management technology.