RES.NET’s 16 years of developing technology for the mortgage industry means the company understands how to deliver enterprise solutions with built-in adaptability for servicers in an ever-changing business and regulatory environment.

“The inherent flexibility of our architecture is of great use when it comes to changing processes on the fly, and keeping up with changes as they arise,” said Keith Guenther, founder and CEO. “In addition, our user-configurable administration allows users to set up new portfolios and manage user privileges to define who has access to which files at each juncture. These agile solutions give our customers the confidence to move forward with their business with the understanding that their tech will never by outdated.”RES.NET

RES.NET’s suite of solutions includes REO, loss mitigation and valuation portals. Additional portals can also be integrated to facilitate communication with vendors including agents, attorneys, title and closing, property preservation and consumers. By centralizing all documents and communication, RES.NET streamlines the real estate transaction and increases efficiencies for all parties. 

“At our core we provide a technology, and like any technology, our goal is to make our users’ lives easier, and create efficiencies that will ultimately give them more time to focus on other things,” said Rob Pajon, senior vice president of marketing and product.

What makes RES.NET unique is its foundational architecture. Its enterprise system consistently undergoes enhancements to benefit all users while its custom fields and workflows allow each client to tailor the system to their individual needs, without having to rely on time-consuming development cycles. Additionally, RES.NET has created a seamless implementation process that enables customers to easily transmit and backup all collected data to image repositories and systems of record, while its custom fields make data mapping sessions and data migration efforts as seamless as possible.

“Our years of experience implementing clients from large to small ensure that clients integrating with RES.NET will save both time and money in the process,” Pajon said.

RES.NET offers various reporting options that include system-generated canned reports for common, everyday reporting needs as well as real-time, ad hoc reports that allow customers to create and run a report on any field in the system for specific individual use. Customers can also work with the RES.NET team to schedule back-end reports to be run on a regular basis.

“We live in an age where data is the new currency, and our reports ensure quantified analysis for our customers,” Pajon said.

By offering such a diverse set of options, RES.NET simplifies the process for customers who want the benefit of having everything in one place. This limits the need for multiple logins, reduces the hassle of contracts with different vendors and allows users to proceed with their business with the knowledge that all data is backed up and available from a single source.

“In an ever-evolving industry where change is the norm, mortgage bankers need a flexible system that accommodates not just today’s needs, but also those of tomorrow,” Guenther said.


Keith Guenther, Founder and CEO

KeithKeith Guenther is founder and CEO for USRES, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, RES.NET, Inc. Guenther, who established the company in 1991, first entered the real estate market in the 1980s as an agent and also held executive-level positions at Tarbell. Bringing nearly 30 years of real estate and business experience to the company, Guenther is focused on building steady growth for USRES by identifying and fostering key relationships. Guenther views the experience and dedication of his entire staff as the key to USRES’ longtime success.

Angela Hurst, SVP, Business Development

Angela Hurst is responsible for managing and expanding the company’s national sales team and works to establish a greater company presence in the industry. Hurst brings more than 25 years of experience in the mortgage banking, title insurance, and closing services industries to the company. Prior to joining USRES, Hurst was a senior vice president of business development at NDeX, LP, and Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, LLP.

Rob Pajon, SVP, Marketing and Product Development

RobRob Pajon is the senior vice president of marketing and product development for USRES, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, RES.NET, Inc. Pajon oversees all marketing initiatives and product initiatives including: advertising, collateral, promotions, media relations and sponsorships. In addition, Pajon steers the creation of the company’s product roadmap and oversees the subsequent user stories from the product department. Prior to joining USRES, Pajon attained a BA in anthropology, with a minor in business at the University of California Irvine. Pajon started his career at USRES, and has worked within all facets of the RES.NET business support and project management.