Lenders and servicers looking to collaborate with a creative, flexible partner will find the perfect match in Chronos Solutions. The national real estate finance services provider combines customized transactional and business process management services with a serious commitment to making its clients happy.

“Chronos Solutions goes the extra mile, managing tasks or specialties which aren’t core services for most lenders and servicers, while maximizing the return,” said CEO Matt Martin. “Our wide range of services, creative array of product offerings and flexibility are all necessary in a market which changes almost daily.”Chronos

Chronos Solutions’ offerings include credit and advisory, title and settlement services, valuation, HOA solutions, accelerated asset liquidation and marketing, REO management and disposition, field services, asset acquisition and investor services and innovative technology applications and systems. All of these services are employed seamlessly, reducing lender or servicer expenses and adding value to their businesses.

“Chronos is the new model for national service providers, with the capacity and resources of a national firm but the speed, flexibility, creativity and expertise of a smaller business,” said Steve DiUbaldo, chief real estate officer.

The fact that Chronos, formerly known as Matt Martin Real Estate Management, is neither a servicer nor a lender means that it doesn’t compete with its clients on any level and can offer uniquely adaptable solutions.

“Our clients appreciate our creativity in problem solving. We are able to customize our many resources — technology, data, personnel, partner networks — to meet each customer’s specific needs,” DiUbaldo said.

By offering such a wide range of services, Chronos creates massive value for its clients, according to Martin. “Our role, in many respects, is to reduce client costs and improve their bottom line. In many cases we’re also able to combine services and take advantage of numerous synergies to deliver a maximum return at minimum expense.”

Although some in the industry are predicting a sluggish 2016 due to increased regulation and rising interest rates, Chronos has positioned itself to expand its operations. In December 2015, Chronos announced the acquisition of Cogent Road, a technology firm focused on mortgage origination, credit data and analytics, and verifications. The company brings over 300 clients to the Chronos family and greatly expands the company’s originations suite.

“We are planning aggressive growth throughout the servicing and originations segments,” Martin said. “Because we offer such a wide array of services with a flexibility no one else in the industry can truly match, we believe Chronos Solutions is an excellent partner for clients of all sizes who require service providers who adapt quickly to change and provide insightful counsel on ways to seize upon potential competitive advantages.”


Matt Martin, CEO

Matt martinAs CEO, Matt Martin sets the strategic direction for Chronos Solutions, including market and product development, M&A, client expansion, and developing an environment and culture to recruit and retain top-tier talent. Martin is an accomplished executive in all facets of real estate finance, including loan origination, servicing, and default. Martin founded and serves as chairman of Sperlonga Data and Analytics Systems, which provides solutions to the homeowners’ association industry ( Martin is also the managing director of MJM Capital, a private investment fund with a variety of businesses and real estate assets in its portfolio.

Steve DiUbaldo, Chief Real Estate Officer


Steve DiUbaldo is a proven leader with more than 30 years' experience in mortgage banking and real estate. He has a distinguished track record of producing profitable operating results in all economic cycles. His experience ranges from working with large firms to turning small companies into industry leaders. His successes include building startup operations and managing turnarounds for companies that perform the full spectrum of services related to residential real estate. DiUbaldo's first 20 years in business occurred at Associates First Capital Corp. That prepared him for the executive roles he fulfilled at Carrington, Morgan Stanley, Freemont Investment and Loan and now as chief real estate officer at Chronos Solutions. 

Matt Slonaker, EVP

Matt SlonakerMatt Slonaker has more than 23 years of financial services experience. At Chronos he leads the business development and product development teams. Chronos provides services to banks, mortgage servicers, lenders, and institutional investment firms. Prior to joining Chronos, Slonaker held senior-level operation and business development positions with Solutionstar, Carrington, EMC Mortgage, Countrywide and other leading organizations.