Off the stage and away from the camera, these celebrities are also conquering the world of housing, slowly building up substantial portfolios of real estate properties, an article in said.

According to, singer Taylor Swift is also a budding property mogul with an ever-expanding portfolio of properties. Her list of properties includes pads in Nashville, Beverly Hills and Manhattan, adding up to $70 million.

Similarly, Kim Kardashian has created her own mini real estate empire.

“Even her 9,000-square-foot ‘starter home’ with Kanye West in Beverly Hills was extraordinary—and renovated to even greater heights with four now-infamous gold-plated toilets. Bought for $10.75 million, the home went on the market in November for $20 million,” the article said.

On the flip side, listed a few celebrities that aren’t doing so well, including 50 Cent and Michael Jordan. HousingWire has covered their struggle over the year.

In October, Curtis Jackson, also known as the rapper 50 Cent, tried again to sell his 1980s Connecticut mansion that he has listed off and on for about a decade. The only difference is this time he asked $8.5 million, which is less than half his original list price.

Back in May, Jordan enlisted new representation in a bid to sell his mansion-estate in Highland Park, Illinois. The legendary sports figure and Charlotte Hornets majority owner relisted his 7.39-acre compound for $14.855 million.

The home had previously been offered for as much as much as $29 million in 2012. The 56,000-square-foot home was most recently priced at $16 million.

Check the article for the rest of the winner and losers.