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Knowing and managing the status of property taxes is essential for everyone involved in mortgage finance. Lenders, servicers, investors and title companies need accurate, current data on property tax statuses to protect their investments, make quick decisions and mitigate their risk.

National Real Tax Tracking provides all of these stakeholders with the information they need for research, due diligence and compliance. By functioning as an outsourced tax division, NRTT empowers companies to research, monitor and manage everything they need related to property tax status, in a compliant and transparent way.

“NRTT stands out as a leader in mitigating property tax risk exposure for clients across multiple industries,” said Kelly Hebert, managing director. “Our team of unrivaled professionals has more than 30 years of combined experience in the tax lien industry and we are unmatched in customer service.

“In fact, we have a 100% client retention rate since our inception in 2010.”

NRTT combines its experience and customer service focus with a cutting-edge technology capability that delivers real value for its clients.

This technology includes a proprietary database and application that feature customizable property tax reports for all facets of the industry, tools for payment facilitations, and instant customer service support that provides the user experience with one easy-to-use portal.

NRTT facts“Through our reporting and portfolio management tools, our clients will never be caught unawares with a property tax delinquency, tax lien and deed, or penalties and interest from late payments,” Hebert said.

NRTT solicits feedback on its services and technology from clients each quarter. The company has been able to implement and enhance its platform to meet all of its clients’ specific needs, whether they are investor requirements, regulatory compliance, or innovative ideas and conveniences to streamline its clients’ time and experience.

“Our team is trained in each client’s line of business and their development goals are tied directly to our client’s success and experience with the firm,” Hebert said.

The company services clients and property taxes nationwide and covers more than 23,000 taxing jurisdictions. Companies rely on NRTT for:

  • Property tax search
  • Document procurement
  • Tax payment services
  • Delinquent payment services
  • Owner delinquency notification
  • Comprehensive tax tracking

As regulators increasingly turn their attention to third-party vendors in the mortgage process, NRTT sees compliance as the No. 1 issue in 2016.

“Our greatest challenge will likely be the increased scrutiny of vendors from regulators and supplier vetting processes,” Hebert said.

“NRTT rises to the occasion by keeping on pace with regulatory requirements and changes and is consistently focusing on security, safety and soundness in all facets of our business.”

Many areas across the country are seeing home-price appreciation, which means increased property tax bills and an increased exposure for firms with untimely payments or reporting mistakes.

But NRTT is primed and ready for where the country is heading.

“NRTT’s technology and relationships with over 23,000 taxing jurisdictions assists our clients in hedging their risk of unnecessary fees.

“Partnering with the leading firm in the industry assures them that they have an advocate managing their portfolio from every angle,” Hebert said. “We will continue to be not only the best choice for our clients, but also the safest.”

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